Contractor Staffing Agency in Wisconsin and Minnesota 

To Our Professional Contractors

Welcome!  You have our best wishes for great success as a new or returning employee and wish you great success as you perfect your talents, learn new skills and prosper during your contract assignment. We take pride in offering you excellent employment opportunities.  Thank you for working with us!


Please complete your Time Sheet as follows:

  • Enter your first and last name on the Time Sheet.
  • Enter the client company name on the Time Sheet.
  • Enter the pay period (Monday through Sunday) on the Time Sheet.
  • Enter the daily and weekly hours worked in the appropriate columns on the Time Sheet. (There is room for seven (7) projects on the Time Sheet.) Note that there are different descriptions for hours reported.
  • Enter the number of hours worked in full and/or quarter hour increments only.
  • Save the Time Sheet to your desktop. Email your Time Sheet as an attachment to your manager for approval and carbon copy (CC) our payroll department at [email protected] so we can process your payroll. Ask your manager to approve your timesheet by selecting Reply All to your email.
  • SEEK Professionals needs to receive your carbon copy by 5:00 p.m. Monday in order to process your payroll in a timely manner.

Completing your Time Sheet accurately and making sure your Time Sheet gets to SEEK Professionals, LLC on time is the best way to ensure that your pay deposit will be made to your bank account on time.

Questions about how to complete the Time Sheet form can be directed to our payroll department – [email protected].

Ready to Leverage Your Career?

  • “Working with Amy Christ was one of the best moves of my career. She was by far one of the most professional recruiters I’ve ever spoken with.”

    Mechanical Engineering Candidate
  • “SEEK Professionals helped me to avoid the interview that is over in the first five minutes. They save me time and help me avoid having to staff a placement department.”

    Director of Operations
  • “SEEK Professionals made sure that I found the right position that matched my skill set and met my expectations. No other staffing agency can live up to what they have done for me.”

    Sales Candidate
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