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How would it impact your recruiting efforts if you had a Talent Acquisition Specialist who is dedicated to understanding, anticipating and responding to your evolving hiring needs – whether they are local, regional or national?

You can expect us to focus on your requirements from an experience, culture and education perspective. We’ll save you time by presenting you with only the BEST CANDIDATES, who are fully vetted, including interviews, background and reference checks! Ask us about our flexible search and fee options! Consider us your business partner!


Hiring Options

Under your supervision, SEEK Professionals employees work at your site.

Under your supervision, our employees work at your site. After working 1,040 straight time hours and your evaluation and approval, you are welcome to hire the candidate directly.

Only screened and qualified candidates are referred to you for your direct open positions. Immediately upon your acceptance, the candidate becomes your direct employee for a fee agreed upon in our contract.

You identify a professional who meets your needs. We then hire this individual, administer their payroll and benefits and perform work evaluations. Protected from direct employment responsibilities and legal obligations, you may make this SEEK employee your direct employee at any time for NO ADDITIONAL FEE.

Too busy to screen resumes? You post your job and send us the resumes for screening. We’ll interview the top 10 and send you 3 to 5 of the best of the best! When you hire one of those candidates, you pay us a much lower fee! Ask us for the details.

Make It Simple to Hire the Best

  • “Working with Amy Christ was one of the best moves of my career. She was by far one of the most professional recruiters I’ve ever spoken with.”

    Mechanical Engineering Candidate
  • “SEEK Professionals helped me to avoid the interview that is over in the first five minutes. They save me time and help me avoid having to staff a placement department.”

    Director of Operations
  • “SEEK Professionals made sure that I found the right position that matched my skill set and met my expectations. No other staffing agency can live up to what they have done for me.”

    Sales Candidate
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