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SEEK Professionals specializes in the identification and placement of professional level individuals in Accounting, Information Technology, Engineering, Finance, Human Resources and Marketing.

Our professional recruiters are passionate about finding the right job for the right person within the right company to meet changing client needs.

All of our recruiters provide extraordinary results by focusing within their area of specialization. Their large network of qualified professionals makes the process simple and efficient. Contact one of our recruiters today!

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Amy Christ,  Recruiter  LinkedIn_logo_initials.png                  Engineering and Manufacturing Management: Applications / Field / Mechanical / Electrical / Design / Purchasing / Distribution / Program / Project. Executive Manufacturing Management:  Operations Management, Plant Management, Engineering Management

Lisa Lecher, Recruiter  LinkedIn_logo_initials.png                              Human Resources, Environmental Health & Safety, Marketing and Executive Administrative

Josiah Cantrall, Recruiter   LinkedIn_logo_initials.png                   IT/Finance: Accounting, Software Engineers, Software Programmers, Web Developers, etc

Chelsea Hollander, Talent Sourcer  LinkedIn_logo_initials.png